The Artists Institute

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Supporters,

We know it’s been some time since you’ve heard from us, and in that time the world has changed. We have all born witness the past few years as COVID-19 has reshaped each of our realities, collectively and individually. We know that these times have been difficult and trying for all of us, everywhere.

But fewer places have faced greater challenges during the global pandemic than Haiti. On top of the coronavirus and lack of medical infrastructure to properly curb and address the spread, Haiti has been through much political instability, violence, and now crisis with the assassination of President Moise.

Despite everything, life goes on in Haiti, and the strength of the human spirit persists. There is no greater example of this strength than the Artists Institute of Haiti  which has carried on as a beacon of hope, positivity, learning and creativity throughout all the challenges Haiti has faced. This why we are launching a fundraising campaign to keep this amazing community resource thriving.

Based in the small southern city of Jacmel, the Artists Institute of Haiti is a community campus for young artists and creators, that has fostered Haitian creativity for over 15 years. By offering accessible training and workshops, professional facilities, equipment, collaborations and mentorship opportunities with musicians, filmmakers and industry professionals from around the world the Artists Institute of Haiti has helped scores of young Haitians both realize their creative dreams AND become a part of Haiti's creative economy.

Haiti's creative community needs support more than ever which is why we are asking you to help us reach (or surpass!) our fundraising goal of $60,000 USD for TheArtists Institute of Haiti. These funds will enable The Artists Institute ofHaiti to to keep its gate wide open - to welcome musicians, sound engineers, filmmakers, photographers, dancers, and graphic artists who use the campus to realize their dreams. 

These funds will be specifically directed towards the following:    
- Upgrading our campus facilities 
- Modernizing our training via a digital curriculum
- Facilitating youth scholarships
- Increasing digital and physical accessibility to The Artists Institute
- Promoting Haitian art, music, and culture around the world 

This new funding campaign is a part of a larger effort to stabilize our $260,000annual operating budget. Meeting this budget allows us to not just keep the campus doors open - but to offer a wider range of educational opportunities and fostering and promoting the diversity of Haitian creative talent.  

We are proud to announce this new fundraising initiative in collaboration with legendary Haitian band Lakou Mizik and GRAMMY-winning producer Joseph Ray and the launch of their new album "Leave theBones." This album was recorded at the Institute after Joseph Ray had volunteered to teach producing workshops and embodies the open arms collaborative creative vision of The Artists Institute of Haiti.  

While recording, filming, dancing and singing on the gorgeous campus overlooking theCaribbean Sea, Artists Institute students and graduates have helped producealbums, videos and films with world class Haitian and international talent alike. Collaborators include; Michael Brun, Boukman Eksperyans, Arcade Fire, Emeline Michel, Donna Karan, Jackson Browne, Edwidge Danticat, Habib Koite,Jimmy Jean-Louis, Paul Beaubrun and Gessica Geneus. These collaborations have planted seeds which have spread across Haiti's creative industries and have led to Artists Institute students and graduates being involved in major label record releases, Emmy Awards and films premiering at Cannes Film Festival. 

We know that even with near constant political turmoil dominating headlines, culture and artistic expression isn’t frivolous—it is the absolutely essential element to keep hope alive. The Artists Institute  of Haiti has been giving a voice, a platform, and an outlet for creative-minded youth since 2004 and we have no plans to give up now. The campus must remain open for students to gain vital work experience. The beat goes on, and so do we. We invite you to continue walking with us on this great journey and to support theArtist Institute in 2021 and beyond. 

An ale! Let's Go! 

This funding campaign is hosted with fiscal sponsorship from our great friends at Haiti Culture Exchange