"For those of us who long to

travel once the world gets back

to normal, albums as

multilayered as this are just

about the next best thing."

- The times

"A mesmerizing, haunting

and uplifting journey into

the heart of Haitian Culture"


“A beautiful deep dive into Haitian

culture and a very interesting  

twist with Joseph Ray

being involved as well.”

AnneLitt, KCRW

"The stirring new track,

entitled Ogou (Pran Ka Mwen),

hints to what the rest

of the LP may entail."

- Crack Magazine

"It’s powerful to imagine these

tracks being played on

dancefloors in Miami, London, or

Ibiza, transporting people from

around the world, inviting them

to dance, celebrate, and get lost

in the richness of Haiti, if only

if only for a moment."


“Celebrates creativity and

possibility in the face

of adversity."


"Message-driven, lovingly made,

this is an album to play

on repeat."


"An album that exposes the

richness of the musical culture

of the Antilles to the entire


Le Devoir